Servicing the entire 

Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. 

Edward A. VanPopering 1972

Back Bay Fiberglass History

Joel VanPopering, the owner of Back Bay Fiberglass comes from a long line of Dutchmen who made a living harvesting shellfish and boat building. Joel learned his skill and craft from our Father; a fixture to his side, Edward A. VanPopering seen here tonging clams from the Great South Bay off a clam boat he built himself. 

The Blue Points Oyster Company recruited the VanPoperings and many other Dutchmen from Holland to West Sayville Long Island when it was established in the 19th century because the Dutch knew how to harvest the shellfish.

As the shell fish industry began to die out and Long Island became more congested, our Father made a decision to relocate to the Eastern Shore of Virginia; this was over 20 years ago; Joel followed about 10 years later and began his fiberglass boat business.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is very much now the way West Sayville Long Island was way back then, beautiful and simple.

Joel Van Popering represents literally the last of America's Dutch boat builders. Nothing short of a boat building genius. He treats his customers with integrity, honesty and dignity. He treats his customers the way he would want to be treated.